We are so excited that you are interested in competing in the FreeBee Perks Game Online Innovation Challenge. We are looking for up and coming game players, developers, and publishers, like you, who have creative new ways to acquire, engage, and retain game players using free mobile data.
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Register to Participate

The FreeBee Perks Video Game Innovation Challenge is open to eligible participants based in the US.  Sign up starting at 9:00am EST on the 2nd of March, 2017 and submit your idea before 11:59 pm PST the 30th of June, 2017.

You can participate as an individual or as part of a team. On either way, you can register on behalf of or representing a private business or an employer.

Each private business or employer may only sponsor one individual or team, and sponsored individuals or teams may only submit one entry. If you are registering as part of a team, your team leader will need to register first and then your can register using your email address. Once you have the following information ready, click the Register Now to enter the contest.

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Learn About FreeBee Perks

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Mobile Rewards Data Service.

An innovative way to reward customers with mobile data after they complete an action (registration, interaction, or transaction) or want to redeem loyalty points.

  • Customers receive mobile data directly to their account
  • Flexible solution which can adapt to multiple use cases
  • Quick, easy and seamless integration
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Things you can do with FreeBee Perks

  1. Retain existing customers
  2. The best  customers are the ones you already have

  3. Acquire new customers
  4. By building a powerful program to attract more.

  5. Grow your customer base
  6. Rewarding customers through strong loyalty programs inspires customers to share the love with friends and family.

You only pay for the redemptions.

No sign up fee.

Signing up for FreeBee Perks is free. You only pay for the redemptions. You pick which reward option you want to offer to your customers. So you only pay for the reward when your customer redeems it.

Establish your campaign in the easy-to-use Campaign Manager portal.

Start with $5,000 budget, set up the campaign timeframe, reward size, and frequency of redemptions.  You can view the status of the redemptions. Remember, you only pay for the actual redemptions.

Campaign Dashboard

Prepare your Submission

Challenge Participants and Teams must work to answer this key question through a series of questions submitted to our online platform:

How might you reward player achievements in your game play with free data?

All Participants and Teams will be asked to consider the following:

  • Who is the target audience for your idea?
  • What gameplay and reward mechanics would you employ?
  • What would the redemption experience look like for players?
  • How would your idea improve gameplay or customer experience?
  • How would you message or make your players aware of the reward?
  • How might your idea affect the business metrics important to you?
  • Does your idea only work for a specific game or genre, or does it work for a variety?

Submit your Idea

Be sure that you or your team leader logs in to the challenge website before the June 30th, 2017 deadline to double check all of the materials and click submit in order to be considered.

If your application is not submitted by the deadline it will not be considered. Be sure to check that your content meets the submission guidelines, which can be found on the rules page, or your submission will be disqualified. Check for appropriate content and unlicensed images.

Celebrate the Winners

Once the submission period closes on June 30th, our judges will begin evaluating the submissions, looking for ideas that are especially creative and original, ideas that have a clear and cost-efficient path to implementation, and, when implemented, that are easy for the consumer to discover and understand.

Winners will be announced on July 21st, 2017! Check back here!