FreeBee Perks Video Game Innovation Challenge 2017
Accepting Applications Now

About the challenge

The FreeBee Perks Game Online Innovation Challenge is designed to help and reward game players, developers, and publishers who want to think of creative ways to make game play even more fun and rewarding by giving out free mobile data to the users.

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Why you should participate

We are searching for the most innovative game play ideas for acquiring, engaging, and retaining users! Improve the game play experience and reward player achievements with free mobile data.

How to participate

Challenge Participants and Teams must work to answer this key question through a series of questions submitted to our online platform:  How might you reward player achievements in your game play with free data?

  • Who is the target audience for your idea?
  • What gameplay and reward mechanics would you employ?
  • What would the redemption experience look like for players?
  • How would your idea improve gameplay or customer experience?
  • How would you message or make your players aware of the reward?
  • How might your idea affect the business metrics important to you?
  • Does your idea only work for a specific game or genre, or does it work for a variety?

20 winners will each receive up to a $5,000 credit towards their FreeBee Perks campaign over five months

And potentially additional rewards and benefits such as access to developer resources and campaign assistance on the FreeBee Perks platform and even exposure for their game titles through published profiles, videos, or interviews.

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